Fly With Flint

Step into the exciting world of Sport Pilot aviation.

Learn to fly with Michaela Flint,
the only active female FAA Certified Flight Instructor
training in both Airplane and Trike Weight-Shift Control LSA.

Michaela Flint Flight Instructor, Carson City Airport, Carson City, NV

Flight Instructor - Trike

The Evolution Trike’s REVO Weight-Shift Control (WSC) Trike is unique for so many reasons. The aircraft allows you to go places you wouldn’t be able to in an airplane. Flying low over meadows, dry lake beds, and sight-seeing like never before are only a couple of reasons why this aircraft is my personal favorite.

Flight Instructor - Airplane

Learn to fly using the Airplane Factory’s Sling 2 Light-Sport aircraft (LSA). This highly maintained 2-seater, low wing, nose gear aircraft is so much fun and a great trainer plane! With its controls being very sensitive, you can build more precision and accuracy skills. The Rotax 912iS engine is fuel injected, making it extra reliable.

Ground School - 1:1

Ground school involves learning all the details necessary to be a pilot. Meet with me for one-on-one lessons in person or over the phone (video chat or call) to get you prepared to meet your goals.